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I don’t have energy to study after work!

We all know how hard it is, right?

After a full day of work some times the last thing we want to do is study 🥴

However we all know that during some periods, or for a specific learning goal this is necessary.

So how can we try to make this work? 👇 Without sleep depravation or burnout, please 🥺

➡️ Make a plan/schedule, but start small!

I think many of us when we make a study plan we already do something like "everyday after work I will study from 19-22h 🤓 fully focused" after 2 days of failing we already drop everything, just don't! Start by having maybe just 30m blockers 3x a week and see how it goes, try to create your habit trigger!

➡️ Try out Pomodoro technique!

This can help you focusing and not getting distracted with your 🤳 or Instagram during study time.

➡️ Take your time to relax!

Eat, do something you like, work on your hobby, shower, before you start studying, so that you can try to reset your mind to actually learn something. Remember: if you take time to relax doesn't mean you are lazy!

Another thing, if you are a morning 🌞 person, why not try studying before working? 🌟

Last thing don't be hard on yourself, if you cannot make it one day, just try again the next day, there is absolutely no problem on that! Don't feel bad 💖 we all struggle with that!

And if you have any tips to share with us, please leave a comment 👇

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