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Discussion on: How useful are documentation and examples in your own native language to you?

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First of, I want to raise concern that while this question is interesting you'll probably get a pretty biased result asking it on a mostly english site. People who prefer their native language probably gather on other sites that are in their native language and don't participate as much on here.

That said here's my personal experience: My native language is German and the first programming book I bought was in German, but I ran into problems with the text and had trouble understanding some concepts at first. When searching for solutions on the internet I found a few resources and answers in German, but the fast majority was in English.

After a short while I gave up trying to find a good explanation that I'd understand in German, it was just way easier to find a resource that fit my learning style in English since there were so many more resources. That being said my English was already pretty decent at that time and I only rarely had to look up general words.