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Good ideas and techniques. But I could not imagine having to spend 3 hours of my day, every day, travelling for work.


It isn't so bad when you use the time for things you wouldn't otherwise make time for. Once I get home I'm dealing with all the things I do there and at work I try to stay on task, so my long commute has actually become a serene little chunk of "me time" that I've grown to love. :)

It's also temporary, thankfully, because I do also miss having the extra time to do other things (and not get up so early!) When I moved to my new state and got this job, it all happened so quickly and we found the apartment before I was offered the job, so the location didn't end up being optimal. Once the lease is up I'll be moving closer to work so the commute will be much less.


Maybe ask about working from home one day a week. Some people enjoy the lack of distractions and no commute, but others like to physically go to work to get out the house and get in the right mindset for work.

It may be an option one day, but for now I need to be physically in-office everyday. My company has a policy that requires one year of employment with them before an employee is able to do any remote work.


I drive 15 minutes to work, and even I'm dreading the commute most days. I look forward to the day when the old school mindset of "bodies in seats" is gone and people embrace remote / result-oriented work more often.

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