Corporate Developers: Healthy Productivity Solutions

Adam Alicki on November 04, 2018

Last week I wrote an article / rant that covered a few problems I, and many others are facing in the office. These problems were mainly aimed at th... [Read Full]
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Here's what I've heard corporate, non-tech, managers say in response to these points...

  1. You need to provide support to users so answer your phone. Supporting our users is our #1 priority.

  2. We don't have any other space available right now so you're stuck next to the restrooms. Those empty, isolated, cubes over there on the other side of the office? Oh, those are reserved for our outside sales team members when they're in town. They need quiet and privacy to make their calls.

  3. Sorry you don't like the HR training videos but our corporate policy requires that you watch them and complete the compliance test. The meetings? Yes, the CEO requires all hands on deck for them.

  4. We need everyone in the office during core business hours 8 AM to 5 PM. No exceptions. To be fair, we simply can't give one group of employees a privilege like this. What do you mean, the sales team gets to do this? Do we need to talk about improving your attitude and work performance?


Yep! Nailed it! And while they aren't wrong in their responses, we aren't wrong to let them know why deadlines aren't met and our productivity are down.


I love that many companies are offering the option of working remotely for developers to combat some of these issues. Even if it's just once or twice a week, being able to work from home is a huge boost in productivity for some of us!

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