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1 minute with a Slack Bot:

  • what I did yesterday
  • what I plan on doing today
  • any obstacles?

That sounds like a dream! Eliminates the need for those 30+ minute standup that end up with someone discussing what they had for dinner the previous night.


Same for me. Standup shouldn't take more than 10 minutes as far as I know. For us it sometimes takes evenn 5 minutes


That's quite cool - Especially for differences in Timezones


We ditched the Standup and replaced it with a Product Daily Forum. In the surface it might seem like we just "renamed" a meeting, but is much more than that.
First, I wanted to get rid of the "baggage" that comes with the term Standup. The idea that we have to go in a circle mindlessly repeating what we did and what we are going to do, boiling down to a boring status update.
Second, I wanted to have a true coordination and planning session for the day. All we really do in this 5 to 10 minutes is coordinate what work we need to work on together.
Team members might raise issues that need help with, and agree on working on it together after the meeting. Or we might get a "heads up" on things that are coming or changing from a work in progress.
We've been doing this for almost two years now, never coming back to "Standup"


08:30 AM, right after breakfast and before I start working - 1 minute per team member.

I usually start, and we go clockwise, answering these:

What I delivered yesterday.

What I will compromise to deliver today.

If there's anything blocking productive time (like an obstacle in a task, or a client meeting).

We try not to go into implementation details or technical specifics. If someone has an idea that can help someone else's task, they talk about it right after the daily. If someone goes off track, we call their attention to that so they get back on track.


Generally around 5 - 10 mins max with ~8 of us. It's mostly a what we did yesterday, what we will be doing today so it could be just a slack message (and is if you can't make it for any reason) but we're all remote so it can be our 1 time to talk to people in the day at times which is why we stick to it.


The one I am involved in is awful. I don't even call it a stand-up because it takes 30+ min. We dive into each issue and seems like we try to solve it on the call.


Been in teams like that more than I'd like! It's truly awful and kills productivity. I usually can't get anything done until after 9am or later due to this issue.


Between 20 and 30 minutes. We're coming up with ideas to make it more productive and working on making the devs more straightforward overall


15 minute conference call every morning for the past 2 years where I give status updates, project news, yesterday accomplishments and todays goals.

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