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I remember this picture*Co0gr64Uo5kSg89ukFD2dw.jpeg

I don't know if there a promise hell example. Thanks for this great article.


Promise hell can't exist, that's why it's so nice!

const call_api = (url) => fetch(url).then(res => res.json())
const heaven = (url) => call_api(url).then(data => console.log(data))

  .then(() => heaven('/api/posts'))
  .then(([{ id }]) => heaven(`/api/posts/reactions?post=${id}`))
  .then(({ post: id }) => heaven(`/api/comments?post=${id}`))

See? It's really clean 😃


Haha yeah this one's classic - good point too, you can hit "promise hell" too if you're not careful. Not as "pyramid" like as callback hell, but having ton's and tons of then's can get sort of annoying


Think also if it's also with If-Else Statements :)

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