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I created a software runner using NodeJS.

It works like that;

1-) System admin adds an executable file to the software runner's database.

2-) All executable files added by system admin, lists by NodeJS application.

3-) A user who authorized can run any file using dashboard. Also, users can pass parameters to run the EXE file.

But it only works for terminal based apps. So, It will not support run GUI apps.


I created a Cron Job dashboard using Python. Users can create Cron Job entries, remove them or stop them using this dashboard.

I really like this project.

The last thing I did

I created an MSSQL report dashboard. I used Asp.NET Web API 2 for backend and I used Vue.JS for front-end.

But this project still under development.

I also started to read Shakespeare's sonnets.

I also started to mathematics again. I want to improve my math. So, I started like I'm five.

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