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My first job. I'm still working for this company. To get find a new job in Turkey, really hard.

The economy isn't good. So, I have to stay here even if I'm unhappy.

I was looking for remote jobs but, my English isn't well.

I think that's all :)


Been there... I live in Turkey, and I know how it sucks!


:/ I understand :) I hope you can escape :)


I can't understand how bad it is to work in a job you hate because I still am a student. But my family is affected in this economy too. I understand how hard it is to live in such economy.

Allah sabır versin.


Thanks :) your managers' weird requests. Feeling worthless, etc.

Just you don't feel open to success anymore.

You may feel worthless in there because you don't get your worth and assume that you are.

Don't let them drain you. Look for jobs on the side and save for 6 months in case you can't get a job asap. Don't kill yourself to get paid. Of course it will be difficult but remember what Kanuni Sultan Süleyman said:

Halk içinde muteber bir nesne yok devlet gibi,

Olmaya devlet cihanda bir nefes sıhhat gibi

There is nothing in society as valuable as nation
There is no nation as valuable as health
(I tried to translate a very meaningful saying by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, a monarch of Ottoman Empire who suffered from illness, and it probably lost a big chunk of its meaning)


Oh that sucks. Keep trying, it is not that much English as you can think. Did you apply to US companies? Europe maybe a bit easier


No, I didn't. But I also need self-trust. Everything is the same, I know. I'll do what I do here anywhere in the world.

Every jr developer wants work for big companies. I just want to join a good team.

I hope, I find a good company for remote work. Actually, the relocation would be good.

That's my aim, too. I'd love to just be a part of a good team with a variety in skill sets so we can grow with one another.

Good luck! You've got this.

Maybe someday we work together :)

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