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Thanks for your sharing. These really will be useful for newbies.

Btw, I did all of them but I haven't got a good CSS knowledge. Yes JS and its frameworks are good but I need advice about CSS :) What are your suggestions?

I need a guide like a start zero to a hero guide.

For example, it should contain, "units of measurement", "PSD to HTML", "mobile design and desktop design" etc.

Let's assume, Think a designer who uses the sketch. He/She gave me a template and expecting me coding this template.

What should I do first?


Have you checked out Scott Tolinski's site yet? leveluptutorials.com/tutorials/css...

He is a great teacher and has some free resources available


Thanks. I'll check. Actually, he is on my list :) I couldn't watch this series.

Advance Css/Sass course of Jonas Schmedtmann is a very helpful one, explained all in details 😄

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