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Currently, I’m trying to learn about data structures. I’ve been working four years. I’m still not good at algorithms and data structures.


Every time I tell someone I would like to learn them they look at me very strange: in my eyes this is a sign they're serious business :).


Yes, the second thing that I learn English. I feel stupid. Why I can’t learn this language? I learned some symbols called syntax but I can’t learn a real language.

Don't be so hard on yourself, it takes time and a lot of practice. It took me more than 10 years to be fluent in English - when we make mistakes in Javascript, we get errors very quickly. We don't have such luxury in real life, nobody tells us when we make English mistakes (or in any other language). Maybe watch as many movies as you can/ when you have time? I am learning German and I find it super difficult.

I am trying :)

The analogy was really great. This is something like 50 tones of learning.

Sometimes, I’m asking myself, Is it too late for me. My mom still learns something. I can’t say too late.

Your words are really valuable. Thank you Silvia 🙏🏻

Your mom must be really cool. Good luck with the learning!

Thank you ☺🙏

English can be tough, but can be understood through thorough thought though :P

Just a little sentence I saw back in the day...

I would recommend you using something like Grammarly or similar, it has helped me a lot, because it corrects your grammar in real-time, and you can learn from it quite a bit.

Also what Silvia said about watching movies and all the content you can, will help immensely.

Also, if you can communicate, it's quite good already :)

Actually, I can write a little bit as you understand :D

For example, I had a meeting with a customer from Mexico last week. I can't speak a native speaker.

Yes, I'm watching movies like HIMYM, etc. I always listening to music. I should find voice chat channels like Discord :)


Same here bro, I also want to refresh in data structures and algorithms, when I started working as a dev, I already forgot to practice/using it in some situations because of using frameworks and libraries in development, etc.


Because we don't have time to make practices on algorithms. But, IMHO, we have to learn algorithms and data structures.


Can you give me resources you are using for learning data structures and algorithms. ?


I've skimmed a lot of books and taken a few DS & Algo classes in university but I always felt unmotivated to actively practice. The material always felt really dry and too theoretical. This course was a game changer for me (not affiliated or sponsored in any way 😁 ). Disregard the "getting a job" part, it's much more than that in my opinion.

I've bought most of his courses btw and I can't recommend his teaching style enough.


This looks good :) I think I have to be motivated as you said :)

How much time taken for you?

It took me about a month maybe 5hrs/week but I was writing down all the important concepts and sample problems on flash cards. I'm sure it can be done quicker, but I think the trick is to quickly review theory and then spend time practicing until confident. Hope that helps :D


You can check out techiedelight.com/ .

The algorithms and data structures are implemented in Java, C++, and Python with lots of comments to aid understanding.


I never heard this before. Looks amazing ^_^


I think our only job as devs is really to shape data and flow it. The code, the frameworks, they are tools. If you make something with a beautiful data structure and logical flow, but ugly crappy code it will still outperform the most polished version of a poor structure.

E.g. Doesn't matter how beautiful your code, if your process requires frequently inserting things in the middle of a list then you'd better not be using an array.

If you are building a "type ahead" suggestion drop down, know you will only have limited number of items before you code a loop of "startsWith" checks! Because that idea is going to eat your cpu for lunch if the list is long.


Of course :) Actually, I didn't use any framework or library in my first year at the job. I used various frameworks and libraries for the last 3 years. Actually, I read the codes on GitHub as a weekend activity.

When I first read a code piece from Google, I told myself "I can do the same thing". But, I thought that this could be disrespectful against engineers who worked with those codes.

For example, every front-end developer can create own virtual dom implementation.

I only believe that we have to work hard. We have to deserve the knowledge we earned.


I think the same about programming languages and frameworks.. they are just tools


Trying to start problem-solving from the beginning, I'd recommend you to get here cses.fi/problemset/task/1068/

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