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Hello Aleix,

  • AWS Cloud watch is free until you keep your refresh rate above 5 mins. So you'll be acknowledged 5 mins later whatever the issues maybe.
  • Then ELK Stack would be great as open-source. Just try creating a webhook and connect the incoming alert messages to slack or any paid service.
  • If you need something for monitoring your website's and APi's downtime try using
    ~ Uptime Robot (free)
    ~ Logic Monitor
    ~ Cloudradar ( 1.50$ per month ) my choice.

  • Apart from all these, you wanted to go pure free, try using Zabbix and Nagios which has great options inbuilt. And as same using webhook divert alerts to SLACK.

Note : Even if you are okay and in need of getting alerts to your personal mobile, try MSG91 tool ( startups affordable ).


Hi Allerick, thanks for sharing! We definitely could use some of those solutions you share :)

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