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Top 5 Best Private Streaming Platforms For Live Events

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If you're wondering to stream live video privately? Here we've breakdown the best private live streaming services that ensure your live stream is secure.

Hosting an event for company spread over several countries often requires setting up a live stream for employees who can’t attend. These private events for a family, employees of a company, or a class of students, importantly need to be secure. Making use of private live streaming solutions you can ensure that your live stream is secure and is available to the right audience. Below we’ve focused on the top five solutions that also allow for easy monetization for live streams, so continue reading.

What is Private Live Video Streaming?

The private live stream consists of a video that is viewed by a select few. The people viewing a live stream can be family members celebrating a birthday or students in a class. Compared to a public live stream the audience is limited and often a secure broadcasting platform is required.

Privacy and Security Features Vital for Private Live Streaming

Creating a private live stream requires a host of security features but the main one is the availability of password protection. When using private streaming platforms, live stream creators get the ability to set up a password that they prefer. People who are planning on attending the event are then provided a password along with a link. Additional features provided by secure streaming platforms include only allowing people from specific geographic locations to attend. Creators of valuable content often require people to pay via an online payment system and then view a live stream.

The Vital Point of Selecting the Best Private Live Streaming Platform

There is no magic behind getting private live streaming done right. Instead you need to compare secure streaming solutions available and find if they meet your needs. Finding the best streaming solution will ensure that your live stream is secure and provided to the right audience.

How to Set Up Private Live Stream on Your Website?

Setting up a private live stream on your website first of all requires hardware such as cameras for creating the video. The next step involves getting a private live streaming platform to host the live stream. Then embedded code for the live stream can be placed on a web page.

Which Private Streaming Service is The Best?

There are a lot of players in the private live streaming video service arena so the competition for the “best” tag is fierce. Once you understand what you need, finding a live streaming provider is easy as there are several top-notch companies. Keep reading to find out more about these top providers.

1. Vplayed- An Enterprise Private Live Streaming Solution

Vplayed is consistently ranked among the best live streaming service providers and is often picked by companies looking for a way to live stream privately. The company's live streaming solution is ideal for private events, employee gatherings and hosting classes. Schools and entrepreneurs use the secured platform to create high-quality live streams with end-to-end security. Vplayed’s service offerings include the development of live streaming apps. These apps are ideally suited for showcasing live streams on mobile devices. Importantly Vplayed also allows users to record live streams, broadcast over social media platforms, and exercise complete control over their content.

2. Kaltura- Private Online Video Platform

A cloud-based offering, Kaltura is a secure live streaming platform that can be integrated with an existing LMS or workflow. The platform continues to be popular among schools and universities and companies are also increasingly adopting it. It has complex features, good security, and several monetization options making it ideal for expert live streamers.

3. Contus Vplay- Secure Streaming Solution For Live & On Demand

Live streamers using Contus Vplay get secure broadcasting software that is feature-rich and customizable. It is ideal for private live streaming broadcasts and supports HD quality video which is easily monetized. The encoding provided ensures videos are free of glitches. Additionally it supports several live stream monetization options. This live private live streaming platform can be used to deliver videos to screens of various sizes and supports easy scalability.

4. IBM Cloud Video- Private Event Streaming Service

A big name in the live streaming space IBM Cloud Video provides several versions. The version designed for enterprises has the most features and is ideal for widespread video distribution. Importantly the live video streaming private platform provides good customer support. Among its features are tracking of individual viewers of a live stream and monitoring to measure performance. Making use of the live streaming features provided events can be streamed with ease.

5. Dacast- Professional Private Streaming Platform

Designed to appeal to private live streamers Dacast also allows for broadcasts without advertisements. If you want a service to live stream privately especially to countries like China it is a good choice. The technical support provided to customers is also robust and includes live chat. Security features provided by the service include password-protected events and also high-quality encryption.

Final Thoughts

Demand for private live stream providers has increased this year. Importantly, the global pandemic that resulted in social distancing has played a major part in its growth. With social distancing rules expected to be in place for several months the demand for live streaming will remain high. Live streaming providers ensure that colleges, website owners, and entrepreneurs get easy access to the best way to privately live stream their events.

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I encourage you guys to please add StreamingVideoProvider too among the names of live streaming platforms. It is also a pay per view video hosting platform.