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i'm yet student who will be graduate next year
i wanna ask for advice right now i'm studding python django framework and javascript jquery library but i like data-scientist and machine learning i was wondering if it's a good idea to fit all this technologies together ?? thank for answering me


Sure. I would personally recommend building a data science project that people can actually use online. It doesn't have to be the fanciest model nor the prettiest design, but it will show that you understand the context for applying the algorithms and can take it from start to finish. Obviously, I didn't start with data science so you'll have to take that with a grain of salt.

That said, one big thing to keep in mind for this kind of portfolio project is to not start too big or with too many technologies. In my current position when I've reviewed potential hires' code (for software developer), I am not looking for the brightest CS guy but for someone who does things well (e.g. test-driven development, carefully named software components, and their code-writing process).

Start small but create something that people can clearly see your understanding of the algorithms and care for the application's goals.

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