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re: I haven’t gotten any degree or certifications, nor do I want to. First and foremost, I stopped high school because it was boring, and became a ful...

Thanks, man!! That is some inspiring post. But just to add my experience, where I am from anyone who has a lot of certificates and schooling would get ahead in the competition for gigs.

So people like me who detest the idea of certificates would have to prove that we are better than paper hunters. You would lose some contracts because of this but it would make you a better programmer. Because you would have to work hard and practically proof that your work is better!

Sometimes I am bothered by the lack of certificates and the contracts I lose. But most of the time it turns out that I am better of those contracts. In fact, they will drag you down. If you think about it, those people who see certificate and validate you as a good developer are not informed enough to use other methods. That means they are not worth your time anyway.

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