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Discussion on: Experiments with Arduino and Hasura

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Alvaro Saburido

I'm really glad that more articles are written about how to implement IoT along with awesome BaaS technologies like Hasura. Nice post guys!.

The only feedback I need to give is that Johnny-Five is ok to start getting into IoT but has a huge weak point for real world telemetry applications, you need to have the board connected to the computer for Johnny-Five to work.

99% of the time, boards goes to the wild with just a li-po battery and an antenna (only the ones with Wifi or any other wireless communication protocol).

Is a shame because it will be super awesome to use javascript for this, as in the example of this post, integrates just beautifully with Apollo code.

So just to give people an alternative to Johnny-Five to be able to connect to Hasura, you can use the HttpClient library for Arduino, and do a http.POST to your api with the mutation query string on the body data.

I was planning to write and article about using Hasura + Particle Boards using webhooks, but I could write another one with Arduino if you guys are interested.

Happy coding.