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Discussion on: Setting a remote workspace without much space or money

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Alex Turner

I'm just learning to code but have been a home-based worker for the best part of the last 15 years and spend much time in front of a screen analysing notes and writing reports. I'm a family man with a wife and four kids. Time, money and space all need to be managed. Here are some tips to myself that might be good for you to:

1. A 'nice space' starts in your own head. Notice when that space is a mess and take action to tidy up.

2. I go to bed before 11 pm so I can get up and start work by 6.00 am. I can get more done in the three hours before 9.00 am than at any other time in the day.

3. Linux and FOSS for everything I possibly can.

4. Cull generic social media. Be ruthless. It can be a massive distraction. Time is money.

5. Sort out basic ergonomics. Good enough will do.

6. Be sure to get some exercise and move about from time to time. Pomodoro or something like that can be a good friend to you.

7. Stay connected. Hook up and have face time with positive people.

8. Celebrate a finished piece of work before jumping into the next. Avoid the hamster wheel.

9. Keep a journal. You are your own supervisor at home. It helps to reflect.

10. Things around you at home could always be better. Accept that. Let go of any need to have things just so. Enough is plenty. Good enough will do!