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How to healthy as a developer? Tip to be healthy. πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈ

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The programmers are always thought to be unhealthy. Today most people are trying to be more healthy and productive. Don't get me wrong but you can see today programmers are more health-conscious then past generations ones. But the image of the programmers working day and night is there, especially in beginners. But we have to change that.

Being healthy makes you a more creative, productive,e, and more confident person. Being with people is better than isolating yourself with people. Eating healthy makes you more healthy than sitting on the computer the whole day.

In this list, I am going to tell you about how to be a healthy programmer. Remember this thing takes time. You need to do many of the things on this list daily. Let's go to the list.

πŸ‹οΈ Exercise


This obese you have to do this. In the time of Covid-19 where you can't go to the gym it very hard to do exercise. Today there are many ways to do exercise in your home. The newest thing that is popping up everywhere is Instagram live session.

Doing exercises make you a more productive, strong, and confident person. It the starting it is hard but in a few months, you can find it very easy to do. You don't have to start by doing 100 push-ups or 10 also. You can start with 2 a day and slowly build up. There are also many mobile apps that will help you. Also, there is Instagram and YouTube.


🧘🏽 Yoga


Today more and more people are starting to do Yoga. If you find it hard to do Exercise then you should definitely start doing Yoga. You don't have to do Yoga daily you can do it 2 days a week.

Exercise yoga also has many Instagram sessions, YouTube videos, and apps. Many people think you as religious but it is just like exercise but in a mindful way. Yoga clears your mind and makes your body more flexible.


😌 Meditation


Like Yoga Meditation also more and more people are starting to do. I do meditation because it helps me to focus on my work. I have seen the result of the meditation, I am becoming more and more focus on my work as I do it more and more. You can start doing Meditation for just as 2mins and build up day by day. I see people do meditation for a day also but you don't have to it for that much time.

The beginners try to stop there mind for thinking. The more you try to stop your mind from thinking more it becomes hard to meditate. You have to let your mind free from thinking anything and just have to feel how sad, happy, angry, and other things you feel like. You can't master the meditation in just a few weeks, month, the year a so.


🚢🏽 Jogging and Walk


In this time of Covid-19, you can't go outside but you can do walk or jogging in your home or treadmill. But it is essential to move your body. You don't have to go on Amazon to your clothes for Jogging. Here also you just have to start small.

The best place for jogging and walk is outside in nature. But these times you can't go outside. You can feel the natural world with nature playlist in your favorite music player. You can use your mobile for you triking your walking speed and step you are taken. You don't have to go a long distance too.


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Being Social

Video Call

After reading the heading you are thinking right now. This blog is about being healthy what it has to with my social skills. Sorry friend the being social is just as important as exercise. In many of the research have found the being with people makes you happier and healthy than not being with people. And networking in programming is still important.

Today where you can't go outside but you have so much free time to do something. Even if you can't go outside you can be touch with your family and friends with video calling apps like Zoom and many other apps like it. Yes, video calls can't replace the real world Person to Person conversions. You still are with the so best thing you can do to spend your time with them.


πŸ₯— Eating healthy

Healthy Food

In this modern world where we have to do our job and don't have the time to make our meal. The fastest thing we can eat is fast food. The thing about fast food is that it is not healthy for your body in any way. Eating healthy makes you younger, productive, and fast to do our jobs. Eating healthy is cheap if you do your calculations in a normal way. But if see the long story where you are live longer, happier, and don't have any medical problem.

You don't have to start shopping right. You have to only do the simple thing is that go to the kitchen and see the thing you can reduce from your diet. It is not about what you can buy, it is about what you can eat less.


🧍🏽 Standing in the time of break of Pomodoro sessions


Many of you already use Pomodoro timer for getting work done. You can also use it for being healthy. We all sit on our computer for hours or longer because of it our body is becomes tired of sitting and we start to haveing back problem. The solution is very simple.

In the time of break-in Pomodoro timer, you stand up for a few minutes so your body gets a fresh feeling of waking up. After the break ends you will start your work feeling relax and more positive. And don't sleep on your desk we are designed to sleep this way you should sleep on your bed only.


πŸ‘ 25-20-20

Not looking at the computer

We are not supposed to be glued to a single object for an extended period this can make our eye-strain. So the solution is used 25-20-20 rule. Every 25 minutes(1 Pomodoro session), look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

There is also 20-20-20 rule but I made my own rule. Because it is just only 5 minutes more. And easy to do after the Pomodoro break. Note: This is not the solution to you all problem for that you should go to the doctor.


🌳 Going outside

Going Outside

In this world where we are supposed to be in-home and don't go outside. If you have the luxury to go outside then I will definitely recommend you should do that. We feel more refresh to be in the outside world with other human beings.

If you have a big garden it is the best thing you can get at this time. For us, we can just see outside and listing some nature music.


🍽️ Fasting

NO food

The fasting is the thing you can don't have to do any kind of work. That not to say fasting easy actually is it is hard. You have to be an empty stomach for hours, eating healthy because if you eat unhealthy food then you will be more willing to eat food, and it's become hard to do fasting.

There are many benfits of fasting like Better health, boost your brain function, also weight loss, and many more great things.


πŸ›ŒπŸ½ Sleep


If you don't get good sleep then you can't anything that I have given in this list. We need to sleep to restart our bodies. Like a computer, our body needs to be restart and often than the computer. Because of our computer blue light emission, we don't feel like sleeping in the night time, so you can use tools like redshift for lowering the blue light.

You should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep. But in today's world, we get less than that and it very unhealthy for our lives.


🀏 Start small and it's okay

Just starting your journey is important. Remember this is not a goal this all things are habits. There is no end in there are only habits that you have to every day.

You can take a break also from all of this. But it is suggested that you should take only 2 days break or bad habits will develop. This your journey you will win sometimes you will lose some time but the important thing is you should keep going.

I hope you like this list. If your other suggestions then write in the comments below. If I like them then I will add them to the list. Thank you for reading.

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I believe in this! As a fitness trainer/Web Develper this in gold I encourage this..Fitness is a lifestyle.

Take his tips guys.


Thanks, sir for believing me πŸ™‚