Second week of job search!

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Well, here we are my second week of job searching for my first developer job.

Regarding the coding assignment that I was completing last week, I actually just heard back from the company and they want to talk to me more. I am so thrilled to have gotten this email! The assignment was challenging for me and I didn’t even finish part one of the the assignment fully and they still want to talk to me! I thought that because I didn’t finish the assignment as a whole they wouldn’t be interested so this was a nice surprise.

The part I couldn’t figure out was about how there was a method that wasn’t working the way that the pseudo code wanted it to. I played around with the method and I could see it wasn’t working, but I didn’t know how exactly to fix it. However, there were a few more parts to the assignment that I apparently guess did not too badly on! The second part was me having to explain in my own words each line of code (yes, each line!) and what was happening. It was in OO Ruby and I must admit I haven’t touched Ruby like this in about a year - while yes I have been working in Rails I haven’t touched OO Ruby. This was a great exercise for me to go back to my notes, labs, and documentation to refresh my mind. Do you find that when you’re not touching the specific framework for a while and then going back into it that it takes you some time to basically re-learn it? I do hope I’m not the only one. After completing that, I had to explain what if we switched the if/elsif/else statement around to have elsif first and then the if statement next, with the else at the end. From what I understood, by doing that, it changes the order of the output. (I’m sure there’s a more technical way to explain this, but I’m doing my best!) I apologize for not going more in depth and being pretty vague about it but due to the nature of the interview process (as I’m sure you understand) I can’t show or discuss who this is for and in any sort of way that would give a clue to it. The next part (it was a very long assignment!) was for me to change one of their methods to achieve something else on top of what it already does. Finally, the last part was to create a simple react app that has two boxes where you can enter in numbers, it will find the sum and then if you want to add a third number you can and the sum will change to all three numbers. I found this the toughest part of the challenge because I have only made one react app through my bootcamp and I’m honestly still learning react. I went straight to my old lessons, labs, and stack overflow. I found great walkthroughs and tutorials and I also did some rubber ducking (which is my favorite debugging and thinking process) with other people that have been so fantastic. I am always in awe by how amazing the dev community is on Twitter. So many people have offered to help me in the past with whatever I needed. It’s also great to hear from other people and see their way of thinking vs your way - since we all know you can write something differently and it achieves the same thing as someone else’s idea. After I had looked over everything I sent it on Thursday and I told myself that even if they didn’t want to move forward with me, I learned a lot and I really enjoyed the process. I have to say this was a great assignment because it felt like what I will be doing when I’m actually working.

Since I was a bit wordy about the assignment I’ll try to be brief about the other updates. I had a second round interview yesterday with another company that I’m so in love with so I felt nervous and worried (because hello, impostor syndrome!) before the call. It was actually a great call and I felt like I was just talking to a new friend - which is rare I think when interviewing. He told me that he found me impressive because I finished my bootcamp and decided to make this career change while I was recovering from an injury (that resulted in me not being able to walk for about a year). I was glad that he felt that way because I am actually really proud of myself! He told me that I’ve made it to the third round and sent me over an assignment. I plan to begin it on Saturday. I also have an in person with another company tomorrow - which I’m super psyched about as well! All 3 companies have great pros to them and I am very happy that they are all currently still interested in me. On the not so great front I’ve heard back from other companies saying that they don’t want to move forward with me, and while I am in talks with the other 3 companies getting rejected is hard no matter how many times it happens or where you are in your career.

With all this being said I’d like to let you all know that I am so thankful that you all want to read my content, get to know me and support me! Your support means so much to me. If I can at all ever be a resource for you, please let me know.

Signing off until next week!

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That's great, i am happy for you 👍

I am also searching for a job but i wasn't very lucky, its been more than two months now and i didn't get any interview, just rejection mails.

In the first week of my search one company contacted me asking for a video to answer some questions and talk about my self, then they told me that they loved the video and sent me a coding task to complete, after i sent them the app i didn't hear back from them.


Hi Amanda, I loved your post. I'm in the same situation and you inspire me for let's forward. Thanks 😊


Thank you so much for this, I'm trying to find more junior dev interview expereince, to help calm my nerves about them. Verbose == awesome!

Good luck and kick ass!