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Found this in a post on LinkedIn recently.

πŸ‘”Sites to review your resume for freeπŸ‘”

  1. Zety Resume Builder
  2. Resumonk
  3. Resume. com
  4. VisualCV
  5. Cvmaker
  6. ResumUP
  7. Resume Genius
  8. Resumebuilder
  9. Resume Baking
  10. Enhancv

The sites which you guys have suggested are great for template building which solves part of my problem.
The other challenge/problem is I don't have good skills to express my work to point, I mean those sentence formation and describing more with less that kind of stuff.
It would be great if I could get some help in that area.


You should probably check out kickresume. IMO, it is the best resume builder website out there. Bonus points if you have a student email address.

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