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Python Trends You Should Know in 2021

amelias26018837 profile image Amelia Smith ・3 min read

Nowadays, Python is a trending programming language in the era of technology. It will make it hard to compete. You can notice that Python is still a hot list of developers. The reason is that is it supports multiple programming paradigms with object-oriented and functional programming. It also succeeds in three decades with beating other languages.

We can predict that Python is moving with a fast phase to become the most popular programming language. The python trend is indeed going to be necessary for the developer. Moreover, the many big giant companies also using Python programming like Facebook, Amazon, Uber, so be curious to know about Python trends in 2021

Here Some Top Trends In Python You should know:

Data science
Artificial Intelligence
Embedded Application
Web development

Data science:

when you talk about python trend data science in one, you should know. Data science is considered the most used word in the last few years also believe one of the highest learning platforms for tech peoples there are many advantages of using Data science you can solve a complex problem by using data analysis there are many tools PyTorch, Hadoop, Apache spark used to insight data.

Some benefits of using Data science

Simple to learn
Web development & Text processing, Statistical Analysis
Rich Python Libraries – NumPy, Pandas, SciPy
Multi-Paradigm approach –Functional, Procedural, Object-oriented

Artificial Intelligence:

AI comes with the latest revolution in the world of technology. Due to that many tech giants using AI in their development projects. It shows the path to programming languages for simplifying and developing the projects. It also has a simple syntax for handling crucial processes.

Key Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Rich library Ecosystem
Variety of visualization
Community assistance
Reduce the complexity

Embedded Application:

Python has a dependency on the C language, and it is useful in building Embedded C software for the embedded application. It also performs in the high-level application in the small device that can work you on Python language. There are well known Embedded application Pi, and Raspberry uses Python projects cloud computing.

Some glimpse of Embedded Application:

Decreases loading time
Faster due to small-time
Cheaper to design
No need for Much processing power


Python can ease your work. It helps to automate various tasks. For instance, it automates the software development test. It also scrapes off the website to collect data, automating monotonous tasks. Python can quickly access and read every file that eventually saves your time.

Some library of python development Framework use for Automation

Selenium Python
Robot Framework

Web development:

Nowadays, Python is used in various fields. That includes AI, web development, deep learning. The trend in Python developing in IT Industry in the coming years with technology like Artificial intelligence, IoT, AR so, companies will benefit in cost reduction because they prefer no-coding platforms and cloud computing. So putting Python in use of websites helps you in a powerful platform like Microsoft, Facebook because they also use python language so that you can compete with them too. Python has the capabilities to perform various functions in developing websites and cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of web development with Python:

Tons of Resources
Building Prototypes
Build functions with few code lines
No Mess Up

Wrapping Up:

As days passing python becoming more popular as a programming language. So, to know about the Python trend you need to update with the top trend in python I suppose that this blog will give you some information regarding the Python trend and make you feel updated. Moreover, if you want to Hire Python Developer is also a good idea to save your time and outsource a developer with expertise.

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