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Top Reasons To Use React.js

Technologies are updating rapidly day by day and making work easy for every business. With modern day needs, the latest and unique technology has come into the world in the last few years. Currently we have an updated version of JavaScript frameworks. This is the modern day topic to discuss in the software industry. So let's get through top companies which are using ReactJS.

Reason why ReactJS is so popular.

As we all know ReactJS is the modern day technology and many experts have suggested this technology. Here are some details that we should know about ReactJS.

As per the stackOverflow Developer survey Result, ReactJS was ranked 1st in Most wanted and Loved web Frameworks.

If we see the awareness, satisfaction and interest ratio then ReactJS rated number one by many experts.

ReactJS - First choice

Plain & simplicity

The very first & most reason that so many people use ReactJS in their work is probably it's simplicity. ReactJS is a JavaScript library so if a software engineer is friendly with JS functions, they will feel easy tasks with ReactJS.

Simple Learning Curve

The effort and time Required to learn the new technology is a barrier for developers from using new technology.

To help you deal with pain in a better way, ReactJS comes with an easy to learn interface. Irrespective of what you have been working on right now, working on ReactJS is an easy task nowadays and if you have good enough knowledge about JavaScript, believe me, ReactJS is a weapon to go with. If you have a well experienced team of javascript developers, you can switch to ReactJS easily within your organization's tech stack and get started.

Exceptional Reusability

Creating components and adding them within your web/application is always a great way to start. Everyone wants a different approach but due to project duration and length extending a reach, rewriting all the smaller components is overhead. Unlike any other technology, ReactJS gives benefits to its developers here. It's allowed ReactJS web developers to reuse components throughout the project.


Just Imagine having to scan through portals and resources to find how a particular function works or how it supports the web/Application. This will not just consume effort and time but is excruciating when you are new to the technology. ReactJS, on the other Side, is developers-friendly. What this implies is that ReactJS always comes up with the power of declarative ness.

Some top Companies Using React.js right now.


Who doesn't know that the modern world is so crazy about Netflix. Netflix is the most popular and demanding streaming channel for youth right now. Netflix was facing a problem of low performance on various devices and for that reason ReactJS was added to Netflix. The successful implementation of ReactJS has improved the modularity, Runtime performance and various other features in this Streaming Channel.


This company is the first company to introduce ReactJS in 2013 as a cross - platform for mobile application development. Facebook has the biggest active user in the world. Facebook is responsible for the growth of ReactJS. ReactJS library introduced by the first beta version of the Facebook App.


From the last few years instagram has also been owned and run by Facebook company. Instagram is also created by using ReactJS, Which gives instagram's users an amazing Features and Function. Amazing features of liking, comments, sharing and saved in Instagram is done by help of ReactJS. At a time when Facebook bought instagram, main Challenge for Facebook was to move instagram to React Native, and it was done smoothly and successfully.


The Third property of facebook is also using React to give a better experience to the users and which help WhatsApp to attract the billions of users. Right now WhatsApp is the world's most popular and Largest messaging service Application, with billions of active users who do chit-chat daily via whatsapp. Feature that looks user friendly in WhatsApp is the results of the function of ReactJS.

Khan Academy

Academy started and run by Salman khan in 2008, it is an American non-profit educational platform for free online education. Khan Academy has produced over 6500+ lessons videos. After Successful implementation of ReactJS, The Academy has got through many positive changes and is defined as a worthy update. The successful implementation of React Library covered some essential features, including the elimination of unnecessary re-renders and element changes.


Airbnb is the other name In the list of companies which are using ReactJS for Development and design the Airbnb application. More than 50+ talent software engineers were working with ReactJS technology for Airbnb.


I hope you don't have any doubt about ReactJS's credibility when big companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Netflix are using it. ReactJS is Focus on the flexibility and high performance of software.

Don't forget that creating and running ReactJS is only possible when you have a team of the most talented software engineers in the world. If you want to enter the online platform business and plan to create your own digital products - don't waste much time.
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