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TL;DR I disagree. You shouldn't count on a knife in a gunfight

While I agree with the TL;DR, had I took your words for it, I would have missed on a whole lot.

I disagree. Bringing a knife to a gunfight, one might say, is not a good strategy. There is a possibility you could still win, but I for one ain't got the whooping and kicking ass blood from Brus Lee.

The product and focus, whilst important, are not the only things that matter


I don't force you to build an Uber killer with plain JS hosted at GitHub pages. I only encourage you to think for yourself and not to choose tools just because cool guys said you should use this or that.


I'm saying the "Cool guys" recommend based on experience. Not everyone has the exprience to choose.

Oh, if only it were so!

Cool guys are often decided by either branding or appearance.

Facebook? Cool guys. That guy who wears ray bans and promotes graphql as a silver bullet on medium? Cool guy.

I guess you get the idea.

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