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Portfolio Review

Hello 😁
I have just done with the first version of my portfolio hosted on github.

Appreciate any feedback :)

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Antonio Djigo

Hey buddy, don't know if you've noticed, but this happens on MS Edge 2020

Edge error

Also, I'm missing some space in various parts of the website.

There are some random ======= at the bottom of the page.

Looking good tho. ✨

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

Also happens on Chrome, actually.

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thanks buddy i appreciate that , this version is just a demo but i will fix it as soon possible ⏳

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan


This slideshow needs to go much more slowly:

Its current rate won't allow your average visitor to read everything in time, leading to frustration.

Nice, lol. But I'd avoid showing demos/work-in-progress things on your resume.

Antonio already noted the skill bars not rendering properly, but this appears to be an issue on Chrome as well (I cba to check Firefox). The colors are also a bit overwhelming to look at; I would stick to maybe one or two colors; four is too many.

Your GitHub activity widget is pretty neat!

Center your timeline and alternate the cards on either side, or show the timeline horizontally. There's just too much whitespace to the right. My eyes try to naturally look at the center because the heading is centered.

Sort of along the same lines as your modal window, don't show placeholder content/lorem ipsum in production. So I'd replace your Upwork card with details or just get rid of it for now.

Project section looks good, except this card is too big because of the picture. Your hover transitions for the cards are also jarring; it eases in but doesn't ease out.

Your navbar link hover effects are not working properly; depending on where you hover, the text will be misaligned.

One final word of caution: Never ever put your mobile number, email, or address on your online website in raw HTML. Especially not all three. You're inviting web scrapers/bots/spammers.

I hope this helps! Good luck with the site :)

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Jake Antonio Ruiz Zeledón

Is still the same?

In the version that I saw It pass great for google Insights