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Discussion on: Has The Modern Web Made Things Better?

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I've been doing web programming since the 90s.. and with the risk of sounding like a grandpa, I really don't see the point of why we need to be changing frameworks and technologies all the time.

I think too often we fall for companies that are trying to lure developers for their own reasons rather than making sound development decisions.

I yearn for the day we can just have some stable platforms and not change front-end and backend frameworks every year.

What frustrates me most of all this is that the "new" frameworks rarely learn the lessons from the older ones so they reinvent the wheel and just when they start to catch up they become "old" and the new fad comes along.

I don't think this is beneficial to the industry as a whole. And the web doesn't change that dramatically that we need to be throwing away our tools and expertise every couple of years.