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Deployed my portfolio website with DigitalOcean's App platform

amittomar profile image Amit Tomar ・2 min read

What did I build?

I build a portfolio website of mine in HTML and CSS. I used DigitalOcean's apps platform to deploy the website.

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Personal Site/Portfolio

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I created a portfolio website to connect with others and to showcase the world my skills and my work. I used HTML and CSS while building the website. And I tried to keep things minimal for better performance of the website and fast loading.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT License


A well-crafted portfolio website demonstrating your Skills, Experience, and achievements differentiate you from others. It will help others in understanding you and your work in a better way.

And I think the portfolio website for students like me is more important as it helps us in connecting with recruiters easily and we can put a positive impact on them with a beautiful and well-designed portfolio website.

That's why I chose to build a portfolio website.

How I built it

I built it using HTML and CSS. Then I uploaded the whole code to GitHub with the help of Git.

Definitely, the DigitalOcean apps platform helped me a lot in the deployment. How? Simple, it was too easy to understand the deployment process.

The best thing about the Apps platform is that it automatically detects the format of the project as if you are deploying a static website or any other web app.


It was an amazing experience participating in the Hackathon. Thanks to DigitalOcean and Dev Community for hosting this awesome hackathon. I really learned a lot and looking forward to implementing the things more in the future :)

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chris__sev profile image
Chris Sev

Very well designed portfolio. Great work!

amittomar profile image
Amit Tomar Author • Edited

Thank you, Chris :)

Appreciation from your side really means a lot to me XD