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The March 2023 Newsletter

Hello Amplication Family,

February has been a wild month for the Amplication team, and we've made a lot of significant updates to the platform that we're sure will delight you! Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you the best experience possible, and we're thrilled to share these new features with you.

Exciting News

At the beginning of February, TechCrunch published an article titled, "Which open source startups rocketed in 2022?" And guess what?

Amplication ranked in the top 50 startups, coming in at 23. As an open-source project, we value the feedback, code contributions, and requests our community makes. Thanks to you, we've made it so far and hope to continue growing with your support!

Read more on Amplication's blog.

Upcoming Events

Issues for First Timers

We will start another edition of our "Issues for First Timers'' campaign in the first week of March. We are inviting contributors worldwide who have never contributed to Amplicaiton to contribute to the open source world. We will provide good first issues, priority support, and exclusive swag to all valid contributions.

Join our Discord to stay in touch.

Our First Webinar

We’re hosting our first webinar oriented for enterprise users of Amplication on March 29th, and we invite you to attend. The session, titled “How to Build Node.js Apps Faster With Amplication,” will cover the features and benefits of Amplication and how it can seamlessly meld into any workflow to streamline the development processes and help dev teams build robust, scalable applications in record time. The webinar is a must-attend for anyone looking to improve their development workflow and build better software faster.

Be sure to sign up!

Platform Updates

Diving into changes in the platform, we've made significant improvements to our Smart Git Sync for Pro and Enterprise plans. We know that resolving git conflicts can be frustrating and the bane of a developer's workflow, so we've made changes to prevent them as much as possible. Our new update will push all Amplication-generated changes into one git branch until it merges. Afterward, Amplication will update the HEAD and commit on top of that for future changes. This update will help prevent potential conflicts and make updating your Amplication-generated services smoother than ever.

🔍 Epic: [Smart git] strategy #5112


As we move forward with our smart git strategy implementation, we have a list of goals in mind:

  • Amplication will change only files that have been changed in the amplication side from the previous commit
  • If there was a conflict between amplication change and user change the conflict will show to the user in the git provider site
  • When the user resolves a conflict, the conflict will not show again until amplication changes the line in question
  • Amplication will support backward compatibility with the basic git strategy

The strategy works with some essentials concepts like git cherry-picking and git patches, the entire logic is explained in the file

Sub Epics

  • [ ] #4590
  • [x] #5113
  • [x] #5114
  • [x] #5115
  • [ ] #5272
  • [ ] #5270
  • [x] #5315

We're also diving deeper into building our plugin ecosystem by migrating the core Auth module into its own package. This update makes it easy for developers to turn off authentication for a service, allowing for auth-less services! Under the hood, many changes needed to happen. This update is a significant engineering feat for the team and one we know you've been waiting for.

Services without Authentication module (Logic) #4431

As User - I want to be able to set up my service without Authentication module (in the generated app) so that it can run without authentication and authorization (Logic)

Overview: Some developers will want the service to not have any users set up. This might be useful when you need background services that don't expose endpoints to end users so there is no need for authentication and authorization This also might be useful when you need a Public API.

This is the blueprint and diff for a "no auth" service generated by Amplication:


  • At this stage there is no need to have UI to control the feature
  • Show that you can create a service without the authentication module
  • Show that you can use or not use authentication module on demand via a hardcoded configuration
  • Show that you can remove the 'User' entity if needed
  • Show that you can remove the 'User' role if needed

  • [x] remove the auth logic from the DSG - in code review
  • [ ] add user-entity fields to the DSG context - in code review
  • [ ] #4671

Furthermore, we've improved our Plugin Catalog, allowing users to choose which version of a plugin they want Amplication to build their service.

⭐️ Plugin Versions #4004

See -

Feature description

Allow the developer of a plugin to publish multiple versions of a plugin. Allow a user to select which version of the plugin to be used.


Use case

No response

Are you willing to submit PR?

No response

Please note our documentation website,, has been updated to reflect these changes. We encourage you to check it out and familiarize yourself with the latest features.

Pokemon Day

Did you know this past Monday, February 27th, Pikachu turned 27 years old? It's true! This past Monday was Pokemon Day, and to get in on the fun, we posted an in-depth tutorial on our blog on how to build your own Pokedex!

The guide will teach you how to build a backend GraphQL API using Amplication, seed a database using Prisma, and scrape data off the internet. Consider this a weekend project to make something fun and exciting using open-source technologies and best practices with a straightforward-to-follow guide.

You can follow along on our blog here or our video guide.

Wrapping Up

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback. We're dedicated to making Amplication the best it can be. So tune in come April when we'll share all the awesome updates we make in March.

Michael Solati

Developer Advocate @ Amplication

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