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Amritanshu Dev Rawat
Amritanshu Dev Rawat

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6 figure job in 6 months

Yes you heard it right "6 figure job in 6 months".

How can you achieve that?

Choose Your Stack

  • Web Dev - html, CSS, JavaScript, etc..
  • App Dev - native, hybrid etc..
  • Design - Figma, Photoshop , etc..
  • etc

Work Hard Daily On Your Stack

  • Give 6+ hrs daily
  • Build Projects
  • Follow people with the same stack
  • Increase your social presence
  • Be consistent

Challenge yourself

  • In twitter you can follow 100DaysOfCode challenge or make your own and upload your progress daily
  • You have to be better then the previous day, keep track of your progress.


  • Daily hard work is the only key to reach you at the top.
  • Think what makes you different from other.

Points To Remember

  • There will be ups and downs for sure, your mind will say no it's not working but you have to do it, remember all the past hard work and the time you spent, see the progress that you were tracking you will notice you have come too far, don't quit at later stages.
  • Every field out there have potential to give you a good amount of money, if you choose one and master it.


Discussion (3)

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Ben Sinclair

I have a six-figure job. The first few figures are zeroes, but hey.
I guess this depends on where you live and what currency you use, doesn't it?

How long did it take you to get to "six figures" then?

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Amritanshu Dev Rawat Author

I am currently a student :) These tips are given by people from Microsoft, Amazon SDE.

I am working hard to get "seven figures"

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Sandeep kumar

Bro, I appreciate your effort into writing down these adrenaline activating lines but trust me this is never gonna work unless you're guy with a shining star over your head.