Hi, I'm Amrut Prabhu

amrutprabhu profile image Amrut Prabhu ・1 min read

I have been coding for 5 years.

You can find me on GitHub as amrutprabhu

I live in Pune.

I work for TomTom

I mostly program in Java and really good at it. Frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot appeal to me a a lot and have very good knowledge of the same. Also been doing front-end with Html, Javascript, Jquery. As well as pretty good knowledge on deployment to AWS.

I am currently learning more about other programming languages.Planning to learn Scala, Go, even Angular.Just started with Python-3 some 4 weeks back. Huge aspiration towards learning how to implement machine learning.

As of now I write my code in java, My main command line is Clean Code.
If its not clean, I refactor it. :)
On the other side, love trekking, exploring places, big time fan of lineage OS and listening to Trance is something that really drives me everyday.

So this is just a short intro about me. Hope to meet and talk to fellow devs out there to learn and also contribute my knowledge.

It was nice to meet you.


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