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Growing On-demand home service market: How to launch an on-demand app for home services?

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On-demand home service apps are perfect solutions for those that have a hectic everyday schedule. It is often not viable for busy professionals to organize efficiently. A few short years ago, it would’ve been alien to imagine a scenario where you walk into your home, one that you left in disarray -- only to see that it has been fully organized for you. Today, we are not far away from such a reality.

On-demand home service applications assist their clients with the personal organization. Young professionals, who are constantly on the go, also work hectic schedules that eat up a good majority of their time. They do not have the time for monotonous organizational tasks, which are nonetheless, important. These tasks are outsourced to on-demand home services providers.

On-demand applications provide users the ability to carry out tasks like cleaning up, plumbing, painting, storage, and moving. On-demand home services are big business, and the increasing prevalence of the “work hard, party harder” culture means that young professionals are directly fueling the ongoing growth of the industry.

Clients and businesses alike have started to take advantage of the on-demand mindset. The following are a few considerations to be kept in mind when designing such an app:

Understanding user personality

On-demand home service businesses should have in-depth knowledge of their user base. Understanding the client's mindset, analyzing customer feedback, and carrying out comprehensive market research are critical factors to success.

Analyzing leaders and competition

A large share of market profits is earned by the leaders. Understanding why their services resonate with audiences is vital to emulate their success.

User Experience

Onboarding and UX experience are critical aspects of your app. These are elements that ensure that users find what they need on your app, and are therefore make or break factors.

Notifications and engagement options

Notifications and other engagement options are important to ensure optimal user experience. Push notifications encourage users to keep interacting with your application. In addition to engagement, this improves ranking.

Technology stacks and developmental costs

Knowledge of the appropriate stack to be integrated into your app, in addition to correctly budgeting for developmental costs are critical aspects of the overall process.

Face the development challenges with a ready-made solution

Gojek clone app, based on the app - Gojek, is an industry leader in the on-demand home service app space. Gojek clone app addresses the key challenges faced by the on-demand home services industry.

Available service providers

Certain localities have limited options for on-demand home services. In these cases, such apps provide the flexibility of options.

Service provider reliability

It is difficult to trust service providers who are not carrying out the service right in front of you. On-demand home service apps assist you in choosing the best-reviewed options, so you can rest assured that they are effective in their services.

Work quality

The aforementioned reviews and ratings provide a preview of work quality. This enables you to opt for the service provider that matches up to your requirements.

In addition to addressing these requirements, on-demand home service applications provide the following advantages:


Multiple services under one roof are the hallmark of most on demand home service applications. Users don’t need to switch applications for their different requirements.


The application gives service providers the capability to choose their own working hours.

Simplification in the appointments schedule

Users and service providers can fix appointments taking into account their everyday schedules.

Easy payments

These applications often handle billing and payment transactions. This saves service providers and users from unnecessary payment stress. Service providers can instead concentrate their efforts on the home services provided. In addition, it provides the flexibility of options to users in terms of payment.

Increased lead generation

While conventional methods are still relevant, on-demand mobile apps serve as a platform to interact with a larger audience. Companies can convert their service offerings into a viable business in the process.

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