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Top 10 Taxi App Development Companies to Launch Your Ride-hailing App in the COVID-19 World

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The revolution is apparent. We don’t step out on the streets to get a cab for commuting anymore. With just a few taps on our smartphones, cabs are lining up to offer services at our doorsteps. Convenience is one major factor that can trigger a revolution to happen. Yellow taxis were overpaid, inconvenient, and are less flexible. As a result, Uber happened. Ever since then, there is no turning back. The market’s graph has been growing exponentially since the past decade.

Then, however, COVID-19 happened. There were no signs of public or private transportation for three months. But do you think a pandemic can bring down such a massive taxi app empire? Well, the answer to the question is no. Taxi booking is still the ‘evergreen’ and ‘everlasting’ industry, with multiple entrepreneurs reaching out to app development companies. Are you an entrepreneur looking to invest in an on-demand taxi app? Are you wondering which taxi app development company offers top-notch solutions to its clients?

Strategies can help you sustain in the taxi market

People are gradually beginning to adapt to the ‘new’ normal. Hence, it is high-time that taxi apps impose specific safety measures to keep their business up and running once again. Some of the feasible strategies include,

  • You can restrict the passenger count to two persons per cab in your platform. This way, your customers can avoid contact with one another and the drivers.

  • It is advisable to provide a safety kit to your drivers, including gloves, masks, sanitizers, disinfectants to clean the cabs, and many more.

  • You can safeguard the entire system by providing the ‘Go Online’ checklist to users and drivers.

  • By integrating a face recognition software, you can recognize drivers if they wear masks and comply with the safety standards.

In this blog, let’s take a look at the top 10 taxi app development companies that can offer you a highly reliable taxi booking app like Uber.


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This Indian-based app development company is lending a helping hand for entrepreneurs to scale great heights in their fields. Launched in 2013, this company has already built a reputation for itself among entrepreneurs. The entirely white-labeled Uber clone solution offered by the company is considered a benchmark among smartphone applications.

They offer complete customization and branding of the app. Their clone app solutions’ pricing starts at very nominal prices with no compromise in quality. Besides, top-of-the-line features like multi-lingual support systems, Bitcoin wallet integration, VOIP-based call masking, and many more make its taxi app stand apart.
The company has introduced COVID-19 addons to specifically tackle the outbreak situation. The safety features include,

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Face mask verification
  • Safety checklist
  • Selfie technology
  • Ride cancellation
  • Safety ratings and reviews and many more.

Among the different companies out there, this company has come up with perfect precautionary standards.


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This three-year-old startup provides cloud-based administration and white-labeled taxi app solutions to entrepreneurs worldwide. YourDriverApp’s software has already caught the attention of business owners, who wish to set foot in this flourishing market. Flexibility and transparency in operations make this Netherlands-based startup the one to watch out for in the near future.

Taxi Mobile Solutions

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This app development company gained the spotlight by renting their taxi dispatch software. Entrepreneurs who cannot invest a hefty budget can use this rental model to establish their businesses, which by the way is still under the radar. The company provides an app development package, covering multiple facets of the on-demand taxi app like the admin dashboard, customer app, driver app, and the dispatch software.


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The company launched just a year back, is finding it challenging to cope up with the latest market trends. This Indian-based firm places satisfaction as its primary goal rather than the economy. The company has already embarked their arrival with satisfied consumers. If you are looking for a young and energetic team to assist you with your taxi app development, this company will do the trick, but their inexperience in the field is a matter of concern.


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Although primarily focusing on gaming app development, the company is known for its taxi booking software also. The firm’s experience in the field has fueled its growth and has attracted entrepreneurs towards it. INORU finds itself in the bedrock between rigidity and flexibility.

Mobility SUM

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This company offers web-based car rental solutions to business owners. It would be ideal if the business owners already own a car rental agency under their belt. The company offers taxi rental software solutions at economical prices. However, the lack of Android & iOS apps pushes the company negatively when compared with others. If you are a rental agency owner, do not forget to check the Mobility SUM’s software solutions.


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The company is known for its SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It offers flexible app development solutions to entrepreneurs who wish to experiment in their business. The company is known for automating traditional business in the transportation industry. Their fleet management software has gained mixed reviews among business owners and organizations who wish to take their business online.


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This company offers a complete vehicle dispatch system for the chauffeur service industry. The firm is specifically focusing on the taxi dispatch system alone. While this narrows down their target audience, they are still known for the chauffeur taxi dispatch management unit. Their solutions are designed explicitly for limousine hire, private hire, and taxi companies. Entrepreneurs in the European market who wish to set foot into the taxi industry can consider this taxi app development company.


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The company aids in designing an intuitive website that can lure the audience. The efficient firm is known for its designs and optimized taxi sites. The company works closely with many UK related taxi operators. Belonging to the Web Solutions Workshop Ltd., this London based company has had success stories in the past years.


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As the name indicates, the company provides a robust taxi dispatch software to several entrepreneurs. The software is highly customizable, and the firm is already helping in managing fleets all around the world. With multiple management facilities and an automated process, the software tries to enhance the entire system’s productivity.

Vital factors that can assist you in choosing the company

Certain key factors can aid entrepreneurs in selecting their best-suited company. Some of the factors include,

Flexibility: The company should be flexible enough to hear your requirements and offer a highly customizable app development solution.

Cost-effectiveness: There is no point in choosing the company if you cannot afford the budget it offers. Hence, the development cost of the taxi app plays a critical role.

Reputability: A company with bad testimonials is less likely to offer the product on-time and budget. Hence, look for the company’s reputation before joining hands with it.

Adaptability: The company must be well-equipped with the latest market trends and tech-stack. This is because apps developed with outdated technologies fail to create an impression among the audience.

Summing up

Choosing the best taxi app development company to launch the taxi app can make all the difference in separating a unique one from the regular lot. The ‘new’ normal calls for a taxi application with the highest safety standards. Choose your company wisely and take your business to the next level in the shortest time possible.

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