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I've given up on Linux on desktop a long time ago to be honest and I've been using OSX ever since. It's not perfect but it's good enough for me and it has everything I need.

Yeah, me too, I use macos since 2012, I’ve been on Linux since 1999. Then, even on servers, I strongly preferred FreeBSD over the many distros available (I was Slackware and Gentoo user, switched to Ubuntu years later for lazyness). Give it a try on VirtualBox if you never used it ;-)

hahaha yes :-) I don't disdain new tech, I'm not a luddite, just saying out loud that sometimes I think we have too many similar technologies :-)

I mostly agree and I think there are several reasons behind this, however it’s not a concern for me. I mean, I see this as a larger pool to pick from when you’re looking for something different or better, for fun or profit, whatever 😉

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