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I must confess I never use video courses. I usually buy printed books, and sometimes ebooks.

My first problem with videos is the language barrier (I'm italian): I can read/write english very decently, but I struggle with real time listening. So, if I'm learning/studying something new, I still go with books.


I can understand that. I've used videos, but only if literally nothing else comes up after weeks of internet searching. Even then, I sometimes have to bring up the transcriptions, even though I'm a native English speaker. Extremely thick accents coupled with broken English can be hard to understand, especially when the code is broken and you have to cross-reference and rewrite it to make it work.


Actually, it is a great opportunity to improve your English. Obviously, it is hard at first but as you listen more and more, your skills improve and in the end it's satisfying to be able to listen to any video or podcast without the need to read the transcriptions. And it's a timesaver.

Btw, I'm Italian too.


That is a problem to me, too! OTOH most instructors have a very good pronunciation, so it ends up being a point in favor of courses to me, a good opportunity to practice English. Sure, it only works if I'm not totally alien to the subject but I rather read books for studying new domains anyway.


Just start with It... can be hard for some hours... but It will teach you english understanding and will give you access to a different learning approach

  • use subtitles
  • train your understanding slowing down videos...
  • Learn to code and english language...

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