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10+ years experienced rubyst here. before it I've used C/C++/C#/Python/PHP and so on. doing web development, I was amazed by Rails' do super SQL queries in only two lines of magic Ruby code and so I've started using it as my main language for over a decade. with time, I've also learned to tame that beast and use it in the right way.

as others already said, Ruby is a very expressive language, it lets you to write code that looks like plain english (even without using/writing a DSL).

it also looks easy at first glance, after all you can hide complex logics behind all that syntactic sugar (again, built-in or through DSL).

however, the truth is that Ruby is not an easy language, or at least, you need to know it very well if you want to master it and know what is really happening under the hood.

newcomers are often attracted by that magic, they want to learn it and start abusing DSLs, metaprogramming and all the magic stuff that Ruby offers. with time, they will learn to be more cautious about those features, to avoid shooting on their own foots :-P

my 2 cents :-)

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