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I was ~20-21yo at the end of the '90s. My very first approach to programming happened when I discovered that it was possible to modify mIRC through scripting. I didn't own a PC, I was using a Windows 9x box at home. My goal was to learn Unix and Linux, so I've installed a RedHat on a "disk image hosted on Windows", and booted through floppy-disk.

I was learning programming for the first time with mIRC and I've found it exciting, however 1) I wasn't interested in Windows ecosystem at all and 2) unfortunately mIRC scripting wasn't usable outside mIRC itself.

After some days, I picked K&R and started learning C, then TCL/Tk, then Python (because even if Perl had that lovely C-like syntax, I considered it unreadable :-P), and bash, and PHP and many others for the last 20 years.

Good memories! ;-)

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