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re: You can call database wrapper or full ORMs, but it is basically ORM of different sort when you don't write sql directly.

I'm sorry, but I disagree. An ORM is something different from a database wrapper.

An ORM is mostly peculiar of OOP languages, because it represents your database (tables, columns, etc...) in form of objects and they are very tighted between eah other. If your library also generates queries for you, that is a plus.

A database wrapper is simpler and more generic. I used a bad explanation in my last comment but the gist is that I use it to communicate with a db in a different way than an ORM. For example, I could write my query manually, then the library wraps/sanitizes it before talking with the db. How I map the result to my language data structure is a different problem, just like how it might generate a query for me.

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