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In 7th grade (at the age of 14) we had a CS class. I was doing some minesweeper clone in Turbo Pascal 7.0 and thought „I like this! I want to do this, when I am finished with school.“ Then I was going to study CS (which I aborted) and I finally got the chance during my first job, while still studying Business Economics. I was doing an evaluation of some ways to build a heterogenous system with Linux and Windows for a simulator used in Flight Controller education and my colleague came by asking me wether I a was able to program in C++. My answer was, that I did not have any prior experience with C++ but I can program in Delphi. But since the language is just syntax, I was willing to give it a shot.
So I got my first paid job after my studies as a C++ programmer and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. The learning curve was very (very very) steep. The architecture was in a peer-2-Peer setting with multithreading and direct hardware access.
I did my first polymorphism, reverse engineered a proprietary protocol and lesendes to love Templates (Generics in other languages) and asynchronous programming.
I changed employers twice since then and still love my job!

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