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It was when I realized University ain't for me and I need to find out what I'm good at. Then I realized I'm actually good with computers.

Wanted to learn how to repair laptops and mobile phones but I didn't do it

Decided to learn computer networking. While learning I read an article of how programming is the most in demand job in IT. I told my colleagues about programming they said it was very hard, programming is for genius only blah! blah!! blah!!!
I didn't listen to them. I was secretly learning C on YouTube but had no idea what I was doing 😂
It was after 4 months learning networking and 8 months of fieldwork. Get a job was difficult because you need CCNA,CCNP e.t.c

One day I was scrolling through YouTube saw a video of how a network engineer became a software developer and the demand of network engineer is getting low in today's world

Then Booooom!
I started learning Java
The rest is history...

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