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Discussion on: What I learned coming back to freelancing

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Andrew Brooks 👨‍💻

Great points of view!

I'm contemplating getting back into the freelance game myself but managing the clients is my biggest hurdle and fear. I love building things and writing code but not so much the interpersonal aspects of the job.

I also prefer building web apps over brochure sites and I have never had luck finding those kind of clients.

Hopefully I can get over that mental block soon!

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Steven Yung Author

I'm blessed enough to always work on complex web app and not "brochure sites" as I was a backend developer before so more suited for those kind of missions. I used freelancing as a way to transition from stack to stack so I'm sure you can transition into a more "web app" kind of freelancer !

I don't like to deal with client either, but I guess the more you do it, the better you get at it.
What exactly are your fear about dealing with clients ?

Happy to help if I can !

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Chris Achard

Yeah, you'll definitely have to do some "people" work as you work with clients, so be ready for that.

My advice (since you say you're not super excited about that part), is to start local: with people who you already know. Maybe devs you've met at meetups, or people you know from previous jobs, etc - but having a pre-existing relationship can really help break the ice, and you'll learn how to do "people" stuff with other clients too :)

Good luck!