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Discussion on: TV while coding? Distraction or Motivation?

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Andrew Brown πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Author • Edited on

A few days ago Ben (creator of release an article on a new voting feature.
My constructive criticism of this new feature (which is not Generally Available) was that it may be another feature that is not necessary.

So I hypothesized It may be possible to leverage existing functionality such as reactions as a voting mechanism. This voting behaviour is not uncommon as it is seen in social media sites such as Facebook.

First Attempt

I set out to do an experiment to see if voting based on reactions would work as intended.
My first attempt was to have people react and comment to specific comments I created within the post. The reason I set it up this way was that I thought it would better organize the two votes and I had concern over using the Heart and Unicorn post reactions as I really want to count how many people vote instead of boosting my post.

Comment reactions work differently than post reactions. I know this since I contribute and have through the codebase multiple times.

So here you can see the vote on comments method:

The result was not as I hoped since votes were not always under the respective location.

Second Attempt

So this post was an attempt to see how voting based on post reactions would work.
I would say it provided much better insight as I could see early on what was the preferred vote.
However, as more reactions amassed they normalized. So using voting based on post reaction does not work well in the long run.


I didn't take personal offence to being called a douchebag because it's not the first time on Online communicate is fraught with lack of information so I can understand how things can be percieved.

My attitude is give me people the benifit the doubt or ask why before replying.

Also, I'm obligated by 🍁Candian law to be friendly eh.