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The most fun way is via _why

His poignant guide is legendary:

Check out his Wikipedia and crawl through his projects:

  • Camping, a microframework inspired by Ruby on Rails and based on Markaby that is less than 4 kilobytes.[18]
  • Park Place, a "nearly complete clone of the Amazon S3 web service."[18]
  • Hobix, a YAML-based weblog application written in Ruby
  • Hpricot, an HTML parser
  • Markaby (markup as Ruby), a DSL to generate valid HTML using Ruby blocks and methods instead of tags.[19]
  • MouseHole, a personal web proxy that can rewrite the web à la Greasemonkey the RedCloth library, which implements the Textile markup language the Sandbox, a library for managing several Ruby environments in a single process
  • Syck, a YAML library for C, Ruby, and several other languages. Syck has been a part of standard Ruby libraries[20] since Ruby version 1.8.0.
  • Shoes, a UI toolkit "for Making Web-like Desktop Apps"[21][22]
  • unHoly, A Ruby bytecode to Python bytecode converter, for running Ruby applications on the Google Application Engine potion, a tiny, fast programming language with a JIT compiler, closure support and an object model built around mixins bloopsaphone, a crossplatform chiptune-like synth, based on PortAudio with a Ruby fronten
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