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Discussion on: You timetravel to when you were a kid, and past-you wants to learn to code. How would present-you teach them?

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&y H. Golang (he/him) Author

For myself, I got into coding in 2005 through ActionScript in Flash, trying to make a play button for my cartoons. I went between different tutorials, and tried some of everything without learning the concepts by name.

I think since you can do cool stuff without even coding, and you can invite friends over who know how to draw, I think given it's 2002, Flash is still what present-me would use to teach past-me, and I'd just let my past self discover the concepts by bumping into them and only use what I know from coding on the job when past-me is bouncing ideas off present-me. Today too, I still learn best by experimenting witn the world I'm building in, and when I'm going into learning a concept with an idea of what I'd do with it.

If past-me met present-me in 2020 though, probably instead of Flash we'd use something like p5.js or the Arduino starter kit I got for Christmas. I know in 4th grade I got way into the unit on electric circuits!

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