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Dear God, I’m getting really tired of typing that phrase out…

Anyway, hey again, everyone! My name is Angelica Nicolle Abalos and this is going to be the first post of a series (can I even call it a ‘series’?) on my personal documentation of my coding journey. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?


Like I mentioned earlier, my name is Angelica Nicolle. I’m a graphic designer and photographer. Born, raised and still residing in sunny Southern California. I’m a fairly recent college grad and I currently work your typical, corporate 9-to-5 job. Cubicle and all. Gotta love it.


I’m teaching myself to code! That’s what! I’ve got big dreams to become a front end, maybe even full stack, web developer. And this is going to be my personal blog as I attempt to document on the whole shindig. The good, the bad, the confusing, the boring, the frustrating, the… well, you get it. All of it.


Right here and right now, buddy. But to be more specific, I’m going to be coding any place (mainly the comfort of my own home) and any chance I get (any waking moment, and especially when I’m not busy at work). Ultimately, the goal here is to learn as much as I can whenever I can in order to be proficient enough to land myself a job as a junior web developer.


Well, I’m glad you asked! There are a lot of reasons why I’ve decided to pursue learning how to code. I’m just going to list a few of them out for you:
1. I’m equally right brained and left brained. Usually, people would be right or left dominant, but I’m lucky enough to be wired in a way where I am both analytical and creative. Having a background in design, coding websites for me right now gives me the best of both worlds. ~cue Hannah Montana~ I thoroughly enjoy the process of drawing up a quick wireframe of a site and then being able to make that concept come to life.
2. I get bored pretty easily. This means I’m almost always in search of the ‘cool thing to do’ or the ‘next big thing’ or just another way to challenge myself. I was actually in the process of dabbling in and learning about user interface/user experience design when I suddenly jumped over to learning how to code. Coding keeps me interested and on my toes. I’m never in a place where I can feel complacent with where I’m at.
3. I’m eager to learn and am always hungry for knowledge. Seriously, there isn’t a day where I don’t wish I could go back to school so that I could be a student forever. But let’s be real, I don’t have to wish. Thanks to modern technology, there is a myriad of resources right at my fingertips. If I ever want to find out about something, all I have to do is search for it on Google, and I’ll be linked to hundreds of pages of information just on that topic. Coding always has me searching for new solutions and methods on how I can complete my current project(s). I kid you not. I will have tabs on tabs on tabs on my browser when I google a topic just because I love reading multiple people’s insights.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure I find a new reason to continue pursuing this every time I code, but it all boils down to me loving the challenge it brings and the satisfaction I gain afterwards.

As of today

Right now, I’m working on the #100DaysOfCode challenge to me get into the habit of coding every day. It's been really helpful because I lacked that discipline the last time I tried learning how to code, which caused me to quit early on. This time around, I am approaching this with a fresh perspective and a new method of learning in hopes of sticking to it and reaching my goal of becoming a web developer.

Going forward

I plan on updating this blog with my thoughts and progress at least once a week. You can also keep up with my 100 days progress or other projects on Github, which I will be updating daily.

Let's connect

I’m always down to meet new, like-minded people, so feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram and give me a shout!

Until next time! Code on, friends!

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Angelica Nicolle Abalos


I'm a graphic designer and photographer, Currently teaching myself how to code and documenting my journey.


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Heck yeah! Good luck with your first 100 days!!


Also this 😂

Dear God, I’m getting really tired of typing that phrase out…


Okay, but I can't be the only one, right? 😂😂😂


Thank you! Just need to build up the discipline to keep at it!


Now that's an awesome intro! It seems that coding is a good fit for you, but time will tell! It's awesome that you're sharing your journey with us and I look forward to see what more you will post!

Also, awesome photos! I've seriously been at a point where I didn't knew if I wanted to pursue a career in webdevelopment or photography. Webdevelopment won out eventually, but I still love roaming the globe with my camera!


Thank you! Time will surely tell, but for now, I'm enjoying the process. Fellow photo friend! Care to share a link to your work?


Welcome to the Dev world. You'll probably hate it at first, but then you'll not be able to live without it. Code is love. And you'll find yours too 💙😎🙌


Thank you! Haha, great words of wisdom. There are already times where I want to throw my computer out the window, for sure. But that also happens when I design or edit photos... so I guess I'm onto something here? lol


Great intro, and welcome!

As a Los Angeles native now living in NYC, I'm glad to see more folks from Southern California on the site :)