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Discussion on: How much does audio quality matter to you with your headphone music?

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AngularNodeJS 🚀 • Edited on

Go to a Hi-Fi store and listen to some high fidelity headphones, Bose is not one of them and you will/should notice the difference.

I got Sennheiser 6XX and I can tell you the dynamic-range on this headset is really amazing and you can hear things not noticeable on normal headphones. Also better to use wired headphones, the general run-of-the-mill bluetooth audio is of low quality.

Also don't listen to MP3 files if you want high-definition losses music, listen to FLAC audio on a good headset and you'll see what you're really missing out on.

For the longest time I was listening to music on YouTube and didn't really know or appreciate high quality FLAC audio and I'll just say I was blown-away with what the Sennheiser 6XX were capable off :-D

I started listening to Amazon music (last week) which is of higher quality (higher bit-rate) than Spotify/Tilda but unfortunately Amazon Music HD which is lossless is much better, but only available in the US not Canada.