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Discussion on: Vue's Darkest Day

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AngularNodeJS 🚀 • Edited on

This already happened with Angular with many breaking changes and along the way many people left and I'm guessing learned to hate Angular.

I am just starting off ramping-up on Vue + TypeScript for a new consulting role. For me, as long as the TypeScript code remains the same I don't care what the underlying JS code looks like.

I personally think Vue.js is still to basic and not a mature Framework or productive as Angular. It will continue to evolve and break things along the way. It will come up with new way to do things.

I'm guessing a lot of junior coders scared of by Typescript and Angular see Vue as simple and easy to learn. So if their reality of "simple" is threatened, they will get upset. If they are forced to do things in new way, they will get upset.

You didn't address the fact that new hipster coders will always want to use the new way to do things, but you will still have a lot of coders who want to do it the old way. No one likes changes and having to keep learning. Most developers want ROI on their learning.

As a consultant, I hate breaking changes, because then I am forced to work on legacy code and also forced to learn the new way because hipster coder like to change stuff up. This is just a problem with the JavaScript eco-system and JS coders in general. JS is like building a house on sand. In a few weeks to a month, code that once worked will break.