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E067 - The Human Side of Development

This episode of the Angular Show features Sara Faatz, who leads the Telerik and KenoUI Developer Relations team at Progress, and Alyssa Nicoll, an Angular Developer Advocate & Google Developers Expert in Angular. Sara and Alyssa share with the panelists their respective journeys into the dev industry and how they ended up together on the Developer Relations team at Progress.

You have likely heard of DevRel. It's the elite special forces coders that fly around the world and speak at conferences, have platinum Delta status, and sip on Champagne in the hallway track, right? Not exactly.

Developer Relations is a relatively new career that has evolved over time into what it is today. Sara and Alyssa teach us about what DevRel is _really_ about, how much they love it, but also some of the pain points and challenges. Sara and Alyssa are part of an amazing team at Progress and enjoy sharing their passion for the web and KenoUI with front-end developers. In the end, Sara and Alyssa believe in the "human side of development"; sitting down with developers to understand what they need, the tools they use, and what can help improve their careers and lives.

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