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Discussion on: 4 Design Patterns In Web Development

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Óscar A. Montiel • Edited

I'm not being rude, friend. I already got a warning email for expressing my opinion? Don't be so soft, please.

Putting effort is putting actual examples on a daily work routine, not just something copied from elsewhere.

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Alexander Holman

Wait you got a warning email and you weren't rude? Perhaps it was a mistake? I mean you must be correct, being so hard and all...

Perhaps you would consider learning from your mistake and move on? Nope you accuse the author of plagiarism! And without any evidence too, remember no example means no effort, and we wouldn't want so 'hard' person to come along and remind you how without examples of daily work routines you have made no effort at all, would we?

That's ignoring the fact that such a defamatory statement could be considered libel, in some areas of the world.

Read the code of conduct again if you get a moment and consider if your actions have met these requirements. Here is a link incase you hadn't seen it before:

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Óscar A. Montiel

This is a good post but I think it could be awesome if you add some examples. Keep up the great work!