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7 Essential Tips For JavaScript

Animesh Dhanuk
PHP Developer with 8+ years of experience.
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Tips for learning javascript

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language with first-class functions and it's a scripting language as well HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. It's used for web development and technologies. That's the higher-level programming language as an ECMAScript language. But it's mostly used as non-browser pages.

JavaScript is a very challenging language. Learn about JavaScript is easy to say but it's realizing after it was done. It's very difficult to quickly understand this kind of language. It's very difficult to complete tasks and shorting elements and objects. It also is extremely hard to debug due to a non-existent support system for different classes.

  1. Right attitude

First, you need to clean your mindset for JavaScript to learn it properly. You should learn it with an "I can do it" mindset. So that's one of the best tips for JavaScript. It’s a huge challenge to face and you truly have to be passionate about code to learn it. You have to remind yourself that's the have a lot of fun with learning a JavaScript language. A positive attitude is the best key to learn JavaScript or any type of language. This is one of the best tips for JavaScript.

  1. Start Slowly

Beginners have a lot of queries while they learning JavaScript. So you can start with the basics of JavaScript and step by step you can learn all types of attributes, data types, shorting objects, etc. That's the best tip for learning JavaScript. When you learned Javascript I'll suggest Node.js, Vue.js, Typescript, etc. that's all are similar to JavaScript to learn. This is one of the best tips for JavaScript.

  1. Perfect editor for JavaScript

The first priority to learn any programming language is a text editor. If you don't have a proper text editor you can't learn any type of programming language so it's necessary for it. Visual Studio, Notepad, Notepade++, Submile Text, Vim editor, Atom editor, etc. So these are the best text editor for JavaScript and programming or coding anyone of them you can use for learning. Remember that's essential to choose the best text editor for coding. So that's one of the best text editors for JavaScript

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