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Create a better HTML : Death of div

Animesh Dhanuk
PHP Developer with 8+ years of experience.
Originally published at ・3 min read

Most Homes have that one room which is not used mostly but now it is used for a purpose. Now the Placeholder can use that types of rooms in comparison to the most used rooms. But it was not their intent. Their uniqueness allows us to change them up and it feels very peace of mind.


tag is like that room that is not used most, but now it is the most used tag in HTML. When you look for the tag in the code of some designs, there are many results founded. This thing inspiring us to use the tag in HTML.

I've created a small HTML code with tags that inspires us to the better option.
HTML tags

<div class=“student”>
  <div class=“student-name”></div>
  <div class=“student-roll no.”></div>


  <student-roll no.><student-roll no.>

Here, the

tag is the best choice for define any type of class. When you alone just ask yourself, How many tags I'm used in my life. And how many times I'm searching for tag itself.

But what about accessibility?

I'm not the coder or expert to write a perfect HTML language, I just tried to solve the problem of accessibility. I could find an expert to solve this problem and asking them to check the page properly and give pointers.

How it was styled

I've no idea how to design it but I spend a lot of time behind JavaScript and CSS. I add a lot of classes and tags to HTML, my intense is to short out this problem forever. Now I'm using stylesheet using HTML, I try some stylesheets to customize HTML directly.

Unintentionally, I used some stylesheets there is perfect. Now I'm focused on in-line function, which I can overlook for the apply feature completely.

Can you try it yourself, not even ask to help someone. Obviously I can do it properly. Now I'm not focused on CSS for this project, It's too easy for me to do it properly.?


This is the only language that uses for accessibility.HTML tags are customized for default's browser div arrangement.HTML things are included in JavaScript but it's missed by developers. They used ARIA settings by default.

We not even expected, accessibility tool doesn't work without JavaScript language and just thinks about how to work with tags. It's not possible. But it possible to customize elements in JavaScript by ARIA attributes.

The Unsuitable Situation of the Project

This project was not much easy than I expected but it was practical too and had a lot of experience in this project. When I was thought so deeply the ideas pop up in my mind and it was useful for me to focused on my project.

That’s exactly what I found. I couldn't do it properly, but I tried so hard for that and I do it. On a production project, there’s no reason one couldn’t create custom HTML tags for certain components.

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