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Themes to Make Your VS Code Look Beautiful

Animesh Dhanuk
PHP Developer with 8+ years of experience.
・2 min read

Your code is art, and you can make it look beautiful the way art should be.

I believe that we can all benefit in terms of satisfaction when we see our work look beautiful and elegant. And today, I’m here to bring you some of my favourites themes ideas for your vs code editor to accomplish such an eye-pleasing task.

Night Owl

For myself, I’ve always wanted a good looking graphic theme, mandatorily using a dark palette, but without colors being extremely bright to disturb my eyes.

I found all of these characteristics in the theme Night Owl, which you can see down below.


Dracula is another great dark theme for vs code, slightly brighter than Night Owl, giving to this theme quite a cartoonish look.

Shades Of Purple

A beautifully looking theme, all based on different shades of purple, giving to your editor a weird dreamy look.


Winter is coming they said, and this theme is a perfect reminder of that for you.

Tokyo Night

A theme inspired by the beautiful lights of Tokyo at night, perfect to match with some lo-fi music when coding at night.


For all those of you who have always been into 80’s era creations, this theme will quickly make you travel back to the past with its bright lights and colours, resembling those of an old arcade game.

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