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re: It'd be a huge step in making PHP much more OOP. After Generics, I think its the most important feature to be added to 8.

Wow, I never thought generics would be needed/discussed in PHP, like, ever. Thanks for pointing out! :)


When using loosely typed programming languages for very large code bases you end up wishing for namespacing and strict types to enforce isolation and contracts between code modules at the language level. Once you have strict types you quickly figure out you need generics to fully type-check all your code. Once you have generics you realize you can have strictly typed generic collection classes and Maybe types (e.g. java's optional). Once you use those you realize that they'd be awesome if they had fluent API's so you could do collection->map(...)->filter(...)->sort(...)->reduce(...), and so all those collection classes and maybe types are extended to support that style (e.g. java's streams). And then when you're writing that kind of code, it would be awfully handy to have pattern matching and macro-like meta-syntax (see: scala).

And that is how all programming languages used for large projects, including PHP, are on a path to become like haskell, scala, etc. which already have all of these features. It is inevitable.

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